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  1. Good bye

    Well if u even plan to restart it. Make international not only spanish speaking ppl.(more players) cause pretty much then i joined first things i did was turn off shout. At the same time u could make eng and spanish forums if so. cause google doenst translate good enough :P. + bonus idea for server multi skill -would be hard even if u have all skills.
  2. Good bye

    Had fun time. Small, but fun. can move on from this game after killing antharas :P. Sad server died, but o well. All servers die
  3. Suggestion Buff times

    All tyrants totems. Majesty , defense motion. Furious soul. Duelist spirit. Battle whisper. whese for example.
  4. SKILL Summoners buff.

    Ye he does same dmg it doesnt matter if owner has atriibute at all. but it should get 50% of what atribute by 83 skill servitor share
  5. Write to forum prior doing so. cause its annoying not to know if smfg happend or tis a maintance
  6. SKILL Summoners buff.

    level 83 summon buff wich gives stats to summon from your stats doesnt give resist from armor dark/holy/fire/water/earth/wind. Same goes for wepons atribute. (its suppose to get 1/2 of your stats.) So in conclusion its a bug and should be fixed. Cause summon doest hit atribute dmg what he should and because of what its abit hard in loa type area mobs. Cause in loa ressist > arnor.
  7. Suggestion Buff times

    All buff wich we can put on and be for ever shoudl get buff time increate to 20min atliest ist annoying to click every min, or every 2 min or every 4 mins for just rebuff.