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Found 3 results

  1. 2019 Mayo-Septiembre

    Hola a todos, como habíamos mencionado en nuestra fanpage anterior, migramos el foro al de nuestra comunidad. Dejamos una breve lista de nuestro ultimo changelog e imagenes del trabajo realizado. PD: El changelog esta en ingles, dado que el listado esta sacado de nuestro svn, y siempre trabajamos en ingles en lo que refiere a programacion. ✔ Completo - 🔜 Parcialmente terminado - 🚧 En progreso - ↪ Continua únicamente al terminar el punto anterior ⛔ - En Pausa Lista: ✔ Patrol base system ✔ Modifying parameters between multiple NPCs to static variables leads … ✔ Fixed single NPC multiple trigger cruise mode problem ✔ Optimizing Attacked Target Selection by NPC Only ✔ Optimize NPC resurrection (15s) and corpse disappearanc ✔ adding some CS missing packetse (20s) ✔ Repairing the problem of body movement after NPC death ✔ Increase NPC tracking path, distance less than 20 tracking, otherwise… (Development phase contains BUG) ✔ Optimizing Tracking Moving Nonlinear Migration Problem ✔ Increasing Fixed-point Moving Route of Linear Target ✔ Optimizing cruise mode suspension ✔ Optimizing Cruise Mode Abandoning ✔ Attempt to restore the last suspended cruise mission after adding cruise mode abandoned ✔ Fixing NPC Transient Problem in NPC Tracking Cruise Mode ✔ Fix the problem of NPC returning to the suspension point of the last cruise mission ✔ Optimizing the problem of not returning to the original position after abandoning tracking cruise when there is no cruise task. ✔ Repair other Patrol-related BUGs ✔ Line Patrol regression origin sticking point problem in repairing NPC ✔ Optimizing Combat Start and End ✔ When NPC dies, eliminate Character's combat status ✔ Increase passive trigger passive attack ✔ Increase NPC's Passive Trigger Mobility and Attack Function ✔ Fixed partial code loss ✔ Optimizing the problem of non-return to combat state after withdrawal ✔ Repair may trigger recovery problems after NPC death ✔ Fixed a problem that still triggered after NPC's death due to an attack delay of three seconds. ✔ adding loot packets ✔ Update SCLootDiceSummaryPacket ✔ NPC is marked as lootable after death ✔ loot item took Simulated ✔ Adjustment of Loot DropItem generation mode and adjustment of Loot Item partial structure ✔ Fine Adjustment of Cash Mall Content ✔ Adding some CS missing packets ✔ fix: Out of range fix ✔ Offsets were not calculated correctly resulting in out of bounds errors if the unit or doodad count was too large to send in one go. ✔ add: housing demolish, npc init buff ✔ fix: skill recursion ✔ add: housing change name, permission ✔ fix: housing owner name ✔ fix: housing build steps ✔ add: housing num actions ✔ update: skill item consume ✔ fix: add gold ✔ update: housing system ✔ add: guild; ✔ fix: hosuing bindings ✔ Commands access level system, teleport command ✔ fix: housing design: cottage, manor ✔ hotfix: get active character active team ✔ added: teams ✔ fix: skill position target, housing bindings ✔ fix: craft ✔ update: builing ✔ refactoring: equip items ✔ update: item made by ✔ todo: skills ✔ fix: mail body struct ✔ update: set skill target type ✔ add: craft, drop tradepack ✔ fix: craft check inventory slots ✔ fix: guild open ui ✔ fix: mirage datas ✔ update: save tutorial ✔ update: sql game file ✔ fix: unitstate, quests ✔ fix: world spawn, chat version ✔ fix: null craft ✔ update: prop name at house build progress ✔ fix: lost worldId ✔ fix: regrade opcode & item update ✔ fix: some funcs ✔ fix: some packets ✔ Fixed Inventory ✔ Finalized some Opcodes ✔ Update Opcodes and chat ✔ update: opcodes ✔ fix: Make packets use constant for opcodes ✔ fix: logout, -add: config packet ✔ fix: logout, -add: config packet ✔ update: add regrading, add_gold command ✔ update: feature set flags ✔ fix: npc merchant ✔ portal fix/-trade updates/-add new packets ✔ fix: family bugs ✔ add kick/change title owner ✔ fix: enter to world ✔ fix: character create ✔ fix: init_config, character base write ✔ Add: Friend list functions ✔ Add: Party list functions ✔ Portal: fix/update ✔ fix: access to world ✔ fix: skill caster ✔ update: skill obj ✔ add: team packets ✔ move: packet ✔ fix: premium; -add: prem packets ✔ add: special types ✔ add: some type units ✔ fix: create character ✔ refactor: family ✔ update: enter/leave instances ✔ update: spawn model ✔ add: expedition/faction packets ✔ update: Add packets for guild creation & family invite ✔ fix: Send labor packet only to player who needs it ✔ Update AddLabor.cs ✔ update: Consume skill labor ✔ fix : Unit health regen after death ✔ Update Inventory.cs ✔ Added SendFragmentedInventory function ✔ update: effects Damage, Dispel, Heal, KillNpc, RestoreMana ✔ Fixed animation and delay. ✔ update: world position ✔ refactiong: Login, Game ✔ network Errores Conocidos:
  2. Ha pasado bastante tiempo desde el ultimo changelog, estuve trabajando mucho en el source classic estos últimos 4-5 meses. Principalmente en rehacer los pilares del core del servidor por completo para mejorar y corregir su funcionalidad como también hacer que sea mas sencillo extenderlos en caso de ser necesario a futuro. Este tipo de trabajos son los que realmente agregan calidad no solo al trabajo interno en cuanto a código, sino en la calidad del funcionamiento que ven ustedes los usuarios. ✔ Completo - 🔜 Parcialmente terminado - 🚧 En progreso - ↪ Continua únicamente al terminar el punto anterior ⛔ - En Pausa Arreglos: ✔ Geo-Engine re-worked 80% ✔ Base of AIs (Global) re-worked 70% ✔ Behavior of skills re-worked 40% ✔ Added all packets from SevenSing client ! ✔ Networking code re-worked 45% ✔ Addition of HitAtNight effect. ✔ Accept double values for fishing rates. ✔ Fishing value corrections. ✔ Rnd get method should return origin when it equals with bound. ✔ Fixed PhysicalAttackHpLink effect. ✔ Weapon baseAttackAngle is relative to character position in degrees. ✔ Changed magic success calculation formula. ✔ Prevent senseless illegal player action message spam. ✔ Fixed level typo at skill Fatal Counter (314). ✔ Removed underscores from NPC template elements. ✔ Ability to disable item at olympiad zones. ✔ Prevent PullBack effect used on NPCs. ✔ Minor NpcData adjustments. ✔ Cubic heal trigger based on target HP. ✔ Equip only identical grade arrows. ✔ Classic adjustments for absorb damage effects. ✔ Summons cast skills on non flagged players. ✔ Use of canInteract for NPC onBypassFeedback method. ✔ Various skill fixes. ✔ Eva’s Kiss (1073) MagicalSkillPower values according to client. ✔ Tooltips for NpcViewMod item images. ✔ Minimum distance condition no longer uses squared values. ✔ Updated XML template comments. ✔ GeoEngine check for minimum distance condition. ✔ PcCafe packet improvements. ✔ Display item visual appearance lifetime. ✔ Fixed inability to calculate olympiad rewards. ✔ Effect trait bonus calculation should ignore resistances. ✔ Despawn precautions. ✔ Prevent weapon trait bonus calculation exceed 100%. ✔ Removed lifetime from summons. ✔ Addition of topspawncount admin command. ✔ Addition of Dimensional Warp instance. ✔ MpVampiricAttack does not have a chance parameter. ✔ Static 30% change for skill MP consumption. ✔ Raidboss templates update. ✔ Minor code format correction. ✔ Hate effects should not count as damage done. ✔ Updated Superion Fortress coordinates. ✔ Proper admin teleport description for Skyshadow Meadow. ✔ Fixed summon attacking after BlockActions effect. ✔ Addition of new raidboss spawns. ✔ Check for queued skill before next action. ✔ Addition of new raidboss spawns. ✔ Correct hero aura display. ✔ Use of SkillCaster for olympiad buffers. ✔ Use of AbnormalShield effect for skills. ✔ Fixed AbnormalShield effect related formulas. ✔ Fixed MP-increasing buffs for NPCs. ✔ Updated icons. ✔ Dropped RideState class. ✔ Initial capacity for mount enabled skill list set to 2. ✔ Addition of weekend and monthly mission handlers. ✔ Fixed movement through ramps. ✔ Fixed sending self damage message. ✔ Using skills while transformed by default. ✔ Fixed admin untransform command NPE. ✔ Dropped Transform method allowAllSkills. ✔ Store mount enabled skill list on a separate class. ✔ Single line for empty BlockActions elements. ✔ Prevent removal of primary target for the Range affect scope. ✔ Removed non existent skills. ✔ These stun skills do not need block action allowed skills. ✔ Remove time task when restoring item appearance. ✔ Removed trailing whitespace from several XML files. ✔ Changed henna restoration time check. ✔ Fixed FriendlyNpcInstance doDie killer NPE. ✔ ExtendDrop cleanup. ✔ Fixed OpCheckAbnormalSkillCondition target NPE. ✔ Default clan ally id set to 0. ✔ Replace existing character_summon_skills_save values. ✔ Proper usage for party range configuration. ✔ Reuse of party range configuration. ✔ Default party range set to 1500. ✔ Spoil success calculation by level. ✔ Adjusted Antharas' Earring items ✔ Fixed probable ClanEntryManager NPE. ✔ Fixed SkillCaster target character NPE. ✔ Gain HP bonus only from enchanted armor items. ✔ Fix for passive effect disabling monsters. ✔ Toggle skills should not broadcast MagicSkillUse. ✔ Spelling correction for SkillOperateType method isHidingMessages. ✔ Prevent adding effects while unsummoning. ✔ Self casting should not increase PvP time. ✔ Minor code organization related to PvP flag gain. ✔ Remove previous summon when summoning skill finishes casting. ✔ Always affect main summon target. ✔ Remove non existent clan entry records. ✔ Should not apply armor set and henna bonus to summons. ✔ Force use for summon skills. ✔ Remove class permitted hennas when changing class. ✔ Interrupt summon skill casting when unsummoning. ✔ Fixed summon attacking after BlockActions effect. ✔ CharEffectList method getBuffs should return buff types. ✔ Store olympiad rewards in character variables. ✔ Admin panel for event triggers. ✔ Summons should not PvP flag after getting stunned. ✔ Various potion item related improvements. ✔ Disable summoning when spawn protected. ✔ Ability to make a skill tree with multiple requisites per skill. ✔ Fixed RequestClanAskJoinByName not working. ✔ Enabled augmented item trading according to Classic L2Wiki. ✔ Support for Mystic Tavern globe NPCs. ✔ UseItem probable exploit prevention. ✔ Removed HpDrain effect cubic 4050 skill check. ✔ Do not remove Alchemy skills when changing to Awaken class. ✔ MaxHp and MaxMp effect heals with a task. ✔ Charge available soulshots when attacking. ✔ MaxHp should check if effected is not HP blocked in the task. ✔ Also use a task for MaxCp effect heal. ✔ Fixed recharging fishing shots. ✔ BlockActions effect should interrupt all skills. ✔ Addition of CallLearnedSkill effect. ✔ Monsters should not use heal skills on characters. ✔ Addition of new ExShowScreenMessage method for string messages. ✔ Use max level config to ensure instance level condition is met. ✔ Changed restore method at CharSummonTable. ✔ Improved movement while flying. ✔ Fixed L2Clan comment invalid characters. ✔ Upgrade Eternal to Bloody/Dark equipment should not make item disappeared. ✔ Addition of missing overhit parameter initialization for FatalBlow effect. ✔ ConditionUsingItem ✔ Type should check for ArmorType.NONE mask. ✔ Castle taxPercent value is no longer stored in database. ✔ Minor code format changes for ClanTable class. ✔ EnterWorld exploit fix. ✔ Addition of quest Brothers Bound in Chains (500). ✔ Proper skill id for Hour of Penitence buff. ✔ Retail prohibitions for quest Brothers Bound in Chains (500). ✔ Proper listeners for agathion summoning. ✔ Check agathion id at start to avoid further checks. ✔ Dropped CreateItemRandom effect. ✔ Addition of missing item consume ids for skills. ✔ Fixed probable CastleChamberlain NPE caused by missing fort id. ✔ Support generating automatically missing player stats. ✔ Minor cleanup for automatic stat generation formulas. ✔ Reduced value for calculating hunting points. ✔ Dragon pendant enchant effects. ✔ Replaced AttributeType NONE_ARMOR with NONE. ✔ FortManager fort list made static. ✔ Store clan wars on server shutdown. ✔ Addition of item Life Stone Pack (90035). ✔ Fully fixed teleporters for castles and clan halls. ✔ Support for custom community board delevel. ✔ Support for custom mail manager. ✔ There is no need for lowercasing spaces. ✔ Use the same connection for all custom mail manager queries. ✔ Skill comment additions. ✔ Fixed probable restoring ClanWar NPE. ✔ Plunder effect improvements. ✔ Support for long SP value learn requirements. ✔ Fixed cancellation not removing dances. ✔ Effect list flags should consider passives as well. ✔ Proper removal for CriticalRatePositionBonus effect. ✔ Proper support for hunting teleports. Otros cambios: Reportes de usuarios:
  3. 2019 My Old Changelog

    - Item log formatter NPE fix. - Making Olympiad participants invulnerable at match end. - Squash events, event item additions and event related fixes. - Addition of missing abnormal types. - Proper Chef Monkey event. - Update last player server position upon teleport. - Enabled double check for doors before normal checkMove - Addition of Zaken raidboss spawn - Reduced insane raidboss stats - Removed non existent item drop - Removed non existent NPC spawn. - Addition of missing new raidbosses - Updated system messages and NPC strings - Updated rune fees - Removed non existent damage message parameter - Updated skill names - Updated race track zones - Addition of Ceremony of Chaos rewards - Set additional CoC rewards count to one - Fix for null variation options - Updated Zaken island geodata - Addition of basic Zaken AI - Various product items. - Use geoengine for target LoS - Corrections for target LoS - Addition of quests 11001 and 11013 - Custom auto potion system - Custom mana potion (728) - Added random spawn system - Random Spawn System - Minor auto potions config typo correction - Custom olympiad period config - Fixed Spheric Barrier effect - Custom specific Olympiad competition days - Special Classic ruin area herbs - Updated gatekeeper Bella spawn and related teleports - Added Newbie Kit (29510) to initial equipment - Commented region debug messages - Do not log nonexistent skill if id equals zero - Popup damage can increase the system message param length - Return zero as nonexistent skill level - Updated Zaken Olympiad items - Fixed 1st class and 2nd class buff scrolls - Correction for AltOlyPeriod config value - Addition of quests 10995, 11007 and 11019 - Rare accessories - Multisell enchanted items support - Reworked quest Moon Knight - Respawn rework and various changes - Fixed wrong zone check html break position - Addition of Disconnection class - Addition of True Hero - Minor correction for some global values - Timer improvements - Keep skill sublevel in case of level increase - Fixed spawn protection - Fixed restoring summons on login - Restoring servitor must remove database record at all times - Threadpool refactoring - Addition of missing DatabaseFactory initialization message - Dropped useless IThreadPoolInitializer - Minor spelling improvements - Disabled spawn protection messages in peace zones - Addition of quest Help with Temple Restoration (11002) - Try to fix region related log spam - Addition of missing quest checks - Do not use switch for less than three cases - Ability to use specific NpcStringId for quest name - Base packets moved to commons network - Addition of quest 11014 and improvements - Addition of quest Temples Decorations (10996) - Addition of quest Preparation for Dungeon (11008) - Fix for offline traders after server restart. - Option to force delete spawned minions upon master death - Force updating multisell items to database - Removed unused PlayerSpawnProtectionAllowedItems config - Summons should run after spawn - Fix for pomanders on profession cancel - Fixed traits exit called more than once - Continue trait checks instead of return - Lot of retail corrections on items and npc values - Removed unused death penalty stuff. - Minor value addition at CategoryData. - Apply premium exp rates in addExpAndSp method. - Robe casting speed addition to skill Spellcraft (163). - Reduced matk speed bonus after some retail tests. - Moved some common utils to gameserver - Improved admin setclass sex check - Fixed class change NPE - Addition of quests 11003, 11004 and 11005 - Minor fix for decrease skill level - Minor fix for Compelling effect - Removed double range check from general chat handler - Addition of quests 11015, 11016 and 11017 - Prohibit casting of spells while disabled - Changed bonus exp/sp calculations - Petrify when hitting a lower level raidboss - Various code changes - Refactored logger variables to caps - Zone related changes - Proper NpcStringId for quest 11017 - Prevent the respawning of deleted NPCs - Fixed admin spawn command hanging client - Proper spawn location for Jasmine (30134) - Prevent null elements in GameTimeController list - BlockList message does not need name parameter - Minor code improvement for Quest class - Solution for revalidateZone NPE. - Better handling for NPC removal - Deletion must handle instances as well - Improved checkIfPvP method - Classic karma item drop calculation - Classic clan level up conditions - Missing Gentler (30094) html - Better logs for null region check - Minor logger changes. - Addition of missing Dwarven Craft (1321) to dwarven fighter skilltree. - Prevent moving to nonexistent regions - Parsed recipes from client - Order recipes by id - Keep sublevel on skill level increase - Prevent possible cast NPE. - Default item skill type_chance should be 100 - AntiFeedManager related improvements - Enabled skill conditions - Dropped the use of GameTimeController for spawn protection - Do not use character super to get player invul status - Fixed typo at Op2hWeaponSkillCondition - Fixed typo at OpTargetWeaponAttackTypeSkillCondition - Fix for AddSkillBySkill effect handler - Addition of Loser Priest quests - Prevent wall collision issues - Comment typo fix - Various Classic changes - Updated item crystal count from L2Wiki - Monsters in instances should not teleport to spawn - Item price corrections based on client - Revert null entry removals from game time controller - Prevent walk node list index out of bounds exception - Updated experience data. - New solution for attack movement issue - Decay task manager improvements. - Fixed Olympiad buffer spawning. - Set last server position when player is restored. - Complete char regeneration task - L2Attackable no longer implements Runnable - Use new RandomAnimationTask - Removed L2 prefix from LoginServer class name. - Removed buggy geoengine Z case corrections. - Addition of config for disabling player keyboard movement. - Corrections at spawning minions. - Retail messages fix - Keep sublevel when giving available skills. - Chat ban command fixed and upgraded. - SummonNpc broadcast fix. - Proper message when source is different than target in some effect handlers. - Use equals for contains method object comparison. - Remove revelation skills before subclass removal. - Unified formula for critical skill damage as L2OFF have. - Proper angle range for pole attacks. - Fence Support - Added the scheme buffer for Classic. - Fixes for several broadcasting position related problems. - Clan notice html break line replacement. *** Antharas Upgrade + more fixes! *** - Addition of New Potion Development quests - daily mission item fixes - Giran spawns rework - Autoloot adena retail - Aden map updated (server-side) - Addition of Forgotten Island spawns - Addition of quest 11020 - Scheme buffer improvements - Addition of some missing htmls and removal of an invalid spawn - Fixed scheme buffer black icons. - Parsed new NPCs - Parsed new items from client. - Parsed new skills from client. - Updated item prices based on client. - Tower of Insolence spawns rework. - Addition of Ateld AI. - Admin teleports for Forgotten Island. - Added missing ToI guard weapons. - Ateld should talk only to CC leader. - Updated commission item packets. - Updated geodata files. - Retail flying dismount prohibition. - Clear pet data when dismount. - Updated Giants Cave and Forsaken Plains area. - Addition of Red Gem Necklace quests. - Various quest improvements. - Devil’s Isle spawns. - Devil’s Isle NPC spawns. - Inventory redundant null assignment removals. - Updated AbnormalVisualEffect - Dropped L2Spawn spawnOne method. - Sel Mahum NPC clan to XML. - Broadcast prohibitions. - Use statement batches to prevent SQL interruptions. - Support for deleting items when LongTimeEvent ends. - Added new A grade Helmet ids to armor sets. - Use Cloth Piece to unseal A grade armors. - Updated reseal A grade armor multisell. - Updated grandboss droplists. - On screen message when you get Sibi’s coins. - Removed invalid reuseDelayLock skill parameter. - Support for multisell maintain ingredient. - Addition of missing blacksmith craft multisell. - Addition of Super Runes. - Removed non existent NPC spawn (34024). - Fix for sell buff html limit - Addition of DuelistFury effect. - Prevent using skills while teleporting from community. - Fixed Henna packets. - Automatically send NpcLogList with Quest onKill. - Check destination when L2AttackableAI thinkAttack moves L2Character. - moveToNextRoutePoint improvements. - Skills on reuse time should count as disabled. - Additional use of reuse hashcode constant. - Changes to be sure summons do not spawn in a walls. - Improvements on playMovie - Save instance time even if player is not online - Send InventoryUpdate when calling RestorationRandom effect - Skills Multiple Shot (987) and Death Shot (990) should have static reuse - Increased maximum party member count to 9 - Disconnection task improvement - Quests 11006 and 11018 - Addition of quest Future: Dwarves (10993) - Addition of quest Future: Orcs (10994) - Addition of quest Future: Elves (11012) - Maximum level increased to 85 - Offline trader disconnection improvement - Fixed offline shops that are loaded after server startup - Dropped unused GameGuardCheck task class - Proper modifier order and removal if implied by their context - Removed unnecessary Long literals - Addition of RequestTargetActionMenu packet - Fixed CharEffectList exceeded effect limitation method - GeoEngine door check improvements - Fixed skills ignoring social class - Fixed battlegrounds resurrection - Updated Classic clan rewards - Clans can participate in sieges starting from level 3 - Addition of quest Punitive Operation on the Devil Isle (10866).

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