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Found 2 results

  1. 2020 Abril 2020 - Agosto 2020

    Queremos cambiar un poco la tematica con la que lanzamos los changelogs, para que no sean tan técnicos. Les contaremos que se estuvo trabajando, que sera lo que se estara trabajando a continuación y algún detalle mas que podamos contarles. Y por supuesto, dejarles algunas imagenes y/o GIFs del progreso! Lista: ✔ Se trabajo la primera parte de la transferencia de skills (interaccion interna del servidor) ✔ Se trabajo sobre la arquitectura general del servidor, tanto las construcciones, como la plantacion de semillas, animales,etc ✔ Se comenzo la primera version estable de los barcos ! ✔ Se comenzo a trabajar en los objetos del mapa (elevadores, etc) ✔ Se avanzo en la interaccion con NPCs (dialogos, sonidos, etc) ✔ Se comenzo a trabajar en la inteligencia artificial de los Mobs ! ✔ Se avanzo el GlobalTaskManager que se utiliza en muchos casos, como por ej Regen de vida, skills, delay de construcciones, etc etc. Se estará trabajando en: Continuar el trabajo en la estructura general del servidor Continuar avanzando con mas de los objetos interactuables del mapa (cajas, ascensores, cofres, transportes, etc etc etc) Continuar con la interacción con los NPCs Continuar con parte de la inteligencia artificial Continuar con partes globales que ayuden a avanzar con los skills y las quest. Continuar mejorando el netcode de nuestro emulador.
  2. 2020 Octubre 2019 - Abril 2020

    Hola a todos, como habíamos mencionado en nuestra fanpage anterior, migramos el foro al de nuestra comunidad. Dejamos una breve lista de nuestro ultimo changelog e imagenes del trabajo realizado. PD: El changelog esta en ingles, dado que el listado esta sacado de nuestro svn, y siempre trabajamos en ingles en lo que refiere a programacion. ✔ Completo - 🔜 Parcialmente terminado - 🚧 En progreso - ↪ Continua únicamente al terminar el punto anterior ⛔ - En Pausa Lista: ✔ [Game] add: Duel Simulated ✔ fix: corrected comment language ✔ add: As a temporary fix, added damage from NPC; ✔ fix: Now the head of the NPC is aimed at us during the battle; ✔ fix: Returning NPC looks forward to the point of return; ✔ upd: Increase NPC movement speed; ✔ fix: After the death of the character, the NPC will return to the places of respawn. ✔ fix: When killing monsters, drop-down items for quests ✔ fix: A small change that was added to work on / off lighting and destruction of barrels / boxes ✔ added: Melee AutoAttack ✔ added: SCDoodadSoundPacket ✔ update: Doodads: Destruction barrels and boxes and Summons the mouse from inside box ✔ enable: CSActiveWeaponChangedPacket ✔ added PacketName to log ✔ Update CSCreateDoodadPacket.cs ✔ add: Added check that variable in HeightMapsEnable config true/false ✔ add: NumConnections in config. ✔ add: list of characters ✔ add: marking deleted characters as deleted ✔ Added code to set the deleted flag in the characters table. ✔ first implementation: LaborPowerManager ✔ added a DeadTime & LeaveTime update ✔ fix display NPc (hair, face) ✔ add: GM announcement command ✔ fix: Various quest changes (rewards, monster kill, removing quest items from inventory) ✔ improved quest progress flow through the various steps ✔ fixed a self made bug with exps & coppers being reversed ✔ fix issue where getting a nullreference exception on some quests, where the supply item was not a backpack ✔ corrected QuestActItemUse.cs to return the proper result ✔ bug fix for position command ✔ added /spawn remove xxxx to remove doodads ✔ improved DoodadFuncFakeUse to better the flow of doodads for phase funcs ✔ improved DoodadFuncUse for better flow od doodad funcs ✔ doodad crops now completly removed from world when harvested ✔ doodad lootpacks now give items when crop harvested WIP all loot given ✔ can now remove doodads from world properly ✔ /spawn command improved for doodad and npc rotation ✔ added additional functions to math util for doodads ✔ fix group count ✔ Snow System added ✔ Client /Roll system added ✔ GM-commands rewrite/update ✔ ZoneConflict updated ✔ fix: gm-command alias access level ✔ add: marking deleted characters as deleted ✔ update: gm commands, position, move, around ✔ Updated various gm commands ✔ fix: a few warning small fixes and /echo fix ✔ add: customizable neighborhood size ✔ add: gm commands spawngrid and despawn for region testing ✔ fix: object visibility on teleport or cinema end ✔ Added a fix for objects being hidden after teleporting to the same neighborhood or when a cinematic has finished playing. Errores Conocidos:

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