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Diciembre-Abril / December-April

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Ha pasado bastante tiempo desde el ultimo changelog, estuve trabajando mucho en el source classic estos últimos 4-5 meses.
Principalmente en rehacer los pilares del core del servidor por completo para mejorar y corregir su funcionalidad como también hacer que sea mas sencillo extenderlos en caso de ser necesario a futuro. Este tipo de trabajos son los que realmente agregan calidad no solo al trabajo interno en cuanto a código, sino en la calidad del funcionamiento que ven ustedes los usuarios.


 Completo - 🔜 Parcialmente terminado - 🚧 En progreso  Continua únicamente al terminar el punto anterior  - En Pausa



  •  Geo-Engine re-worked 80%
  •  Base of AIs (Global) re-worked 70%
  •  Behavior of skills re-worked 40%
  •  Added all packets from SevenSing client !
  •  Networking code re-worked 45%
  •  Addition of HitAtNight effect.
  •  Accept double values for fishing rates.
  •  Fishing value corrections.
  •  Rnd get method should return origin when it equals with bound.
  •  Fixed PhysicalAttackHpLink effect.
  •  Weapon baseAttackAngle is relative to character position in degrees.
  •  Changed magic success calculation formula.
  •  Prevent senseless illegal player action message spam.
  •  Fixed level typo at skill Fatal Counter (314).
  •  Removed underscores from NPC template elements.
  •  Ability to disable item at olympiad zones.
  •  Prevent PullBack effect used on NPCs.
  •  Minor NpcData adjustments.
  •  Cubic heal trigger based on target HP.
  •  Equip only identical grade arrows.
  •  Classic adjustments for absorb damage effects.
  •  Summons cast skills on non flagged players.
  •  Use of canInteract for NPC onBypassFeedback method.
  •  Various skill fixes.
  •  Eva’s Kiss (1073) MagicalSkillPower values according to client.    
  •  Tooltips for NpcViewMod item images.
  •  Minimum distance condition no longer uses squared values.
  •  Updated XML template comments.
  •  GeoEngine check for minimum distance condition.
  •  PcCafe packet improvements.
  •  Display item visual appearance lifetime.
  •  Fixed inability to calculate olympiad rewards.
  •  Effect trait bonus calculation should ignore resistances.
  •  Despawn precautions.
  •  Prevent weapon trait bonus calculation exceed 100%.
  •  Removed lifetime from summons.
  •  Addition of topspawncount admin command.
  •  Addition of Dimensional Warp instance.
  •  MpVampiricAttack does not have a chance parameter.    
  •  Static 30% change for skill MP consumption.
  •  Raidboss templates update.
  •  Minor code format correction.
  •  Hate effects should not count as damage done.
  •  Updated Superion Fortress coordinates.
  •  Proper admin teleport description for Skyshadow Meadow.
  •  Fixed summon attacking after BlockActions effect.
  •  Addition of new raidboss spawns.
  •  Check for queued skill before next action.
  •  Addition of new raidboss spawns.    
  •  Correct hero aura display.
  •  Use of SkillCaster for olympiad buffers.
  •  Use of AbnormalShield effect for skills.
  •  Fixed AbnormalShield effect related formulas.    
  •  Fixed MP-increasing buffs for NPCs.
  •  Updated icons.
  •  Dropped RideState class.
  •  Initial capacity for mount enabled skill list set to 2.
  •  Addition of weekend and monthly mission handlers.
  •  Fixed movement through ramps.
  •  Fixed sending self damage message.
  •  Using skills while transformed by default.
  •  Fixed admin untransform command NPE.
  •  Dropped Transform method allowAllSkills.
  •  Store mount enabled skill list on a separate class.
  •  Single line for empty BlockActions elements.
  •  Prevent removal of primary target for the Range affect scope.
  •  Removed non existent skills.
  •  These stun skills do not need block action allowed skills.
  •  Remove time task when restoring item appearance.
  •  Removed trailing whitespace from several XML files.
  •  Changed henna restoration time check.
  •  Fixed FriendlyNpcInstance doDie killer NPE.
  •  ExtendDrop cleanup.
  •  Fixed OpCheckAbnormalSkillCondition target NPE.
  •  Default clan ally id set to 0.
  •  Replace existing character_summon_skills_save values.    
  •  Proper usage for party range configuration.    
  •  Reuse of party range configuration.
  •  Default party range set to 1500.
  •  Spoil success calculation by level.
  •  Adjusted Antharas' Earring items
  •  Fixed probable ClanEntryManager NPE.
  •  Fixed SkillCaster target character NPE.
  •  Gain HP bonus only from enchanted armor items.
  •  Fix for passive effect disabling monsters.
  •  Toggle skills should not broadcast MagicSkillUse.
  •  Spelling correction for SkillOperateType method isHidingMessages.
  •  Prevent adding effects while unsummoning.
  •  Self casting should not increase PvP time.
  •  Minor code organization related to PvP flag gain.
  •  Remove previous summon when summoning skill finishes casting.
  •  Always affect main summon target.
  •  Remove non existent clan entry records.
  •  Should not apply armor set and henna bonus to summons.
  •  Force use for summon skills.
  •  Remove class permitted hennas when changing class.
  •  Interrupt summon skill casting when unsummoning.
  •  Fixed summon attacking after BlockActions effect.
  •  CharEffectList method getBuffs should return buff types.
  •  Store olympiad rewards in character variables.
  •  Admin panel for event triggers.
  •  Summons should not PvP flag after getting stunned.
  •  Various potion item related improvements.
  •  Disable summoning when spawn protected.
  •  Ability to make a skill tree with multiple requisites per skill.
  •  Fixed RequestClanAskJoinByName not working.
  •  Enabled augmented item trading according to Classic L2Wiki.
  •  Support for Mystic Tavern globe NPCs.
  •  UseItem probable exploit prevention.
  •  Removed HpDrain effect cubic 4050 skill check.
  •  Do not remove Alchemy skills when changing to Awaken class.
  •  MaxHp and MaxMp effect heals with a task.
  •  Charge available soulshots when attacking.
  •  MaxHp should check if effected is not HP blocked in the task.
  •  Also use a task for MaxCp effect heal.
  •  Fixed recharging fishing shots.
  •  BlockActions effect should interrupt all skills.
  •  Addition of CallLearnedSkill effect.
  •  Monsters should not use heal skills on characters.
  •  Addition of new ExShowScreenMessage method for string messages.
  •  Use max level config to ensure instance level condition is met.
  •  Changed restore method at CharSummonTable.
  •  Improved movement while flying.
  •  Fixed L2Clan comment invalid characters.
  •  Upgrade Eternal to Bloody/Dark equipment should not make item disappeared.
  •  Addition of missing overhit parameter initialization for FatalBlow effect.
  •  ConditionUsingItem
  •  Type should check for ArmorType.NONE mask.
  •  Castle taxPercent value is no longer stored in database.
  •  Minor code format changes for ClanTable class.    
  •  EnterWorld exploit fix.    
  •  Addition of quest Brothers Bound in Chains (500).
  •  Proper skill id for Hour of Penitence buff.
  •  Retail prohibitions for quest Brothers Bound in Chains (500).
  •  Proper listeners for agathion summoning.
  •  Check agathion id at start to avoid further checks.
  •  Dropped CreateItemRandom effect.
  •  Addition of missing item consume ids for skills.
  •  Fixed probable CastleChamberlain NPE caused by missing fort id.
  •  Support generating automatically missing player stats.
  •  Minor cleanup for automatic stat generation formulas.
  •  Reduced value for calculating hunting points.
  •  Dragon pendant enchant effects.
  •  Replaced AttributeType NONE_ARMOR with NONE.
  •  FortManager fort list made static.
  •  Store clan wars on server shutdown.
  •  Addition of item Life Stone Pack (90035).
  •  Fully fixed teleporters for castles and clan halls.
  •  Support for custom community board delevel.
  •  Support for custom mail manager.
  •  There is no need for lowercasing spaces.
  •  Use the same connection for all custom mail manager queries.
  •  Skill comment additions.
  •  Fixed probable restoring ClanWar NPE.
  •  Plunder effect improvements.
  •  Support for long SP value learn requirements.    
  •  Fixed cancellation not removing dances.
  •  Effect list flags should consider passives as well.
  •  Proper removal for CriticalRatePositionBonus effect.
  •  Proper support for hunting teleports.


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